Organization and Policy

Office of Industry-Academia Cooperation: Organization and Policy

Office of Industry-Academia Cooperation is posited as an unit for cooperation with the industry at Chaoyang University of Technology. Its organization can be divided into Division of IAC Planning and Administration, Division of IP Management and Licencing, Business  Incubation Center, Entrepreneurship and Creativity Business Development Center. The office has also set an advisory committee assisting with promoting professional work of academia Collaboration.

Department head:Tai-Shen Huang, PhD, Assistant Vice President for IAC;Professor, Department of Industrial Design
E-mail: TEL: 886-4-23323000 EXT. 3211/4346

Industry-Academia Cooperation

Professional work of IAC Planning and Administration ( IAC: Industry-Academia Cooperation)

  1. Planning of CYUT’s system of academia-industry cooperation, assessment and promotion of professional work of academia-industry collaboration
  2. Transaction of each related academia-industry collaboration project
  3. Transaction of IAC project funded by the Ministry of Education and other ministries
  4. Transaction of research /IAC projects entrusted by public and private institutions
  5. Establishment of industry related master’s program for industry personnel training
  6. Arrangement for teachers to participate in research or service in public and private institutions
  7. Operation of strategic alliance between CYUT and the industry

Intellectual Property

Professional work of IP Management and Licencing ( IP: Intellectual Property)

  1. Management of achievement of faculty’s and students’ research and development
  2. Patent applications and maintenance
  3. Transaction of technology authorizing and licencing
  4. Evaluation of university research centers

Business Incubation Center

Professional work of Business Incubation Center

  1. Compilation of incubation management proposal
  2. Provision of diagnosis and advice, stationed service and technology support for cultivated companies
  3. Seeking and managing incubation and IAC resources
  4. Searching and providing market and technology information
  5. Promotion of IAC between the industry and CYUT
  6. Recruiting and training of talents for innovation, incubation and enterprise
  7. Communication with domestic and international incubated industries
  8. Promotion of international incubation

Entrepreneurship and Creativity Business Development Center

Professional work of Entrepreneurship and Creativity Business Development Center

  1. Arrangements of CYUT faculty’s and students’ participation in domestic and international competitions in relation to creativity, innovation, design and entrepreneurship
  2. Arrangements and promotion of exhibition of CYUT’s achievements in creativity, innovation, design and entrepreneurship
  3. Assisting in technology transfer of creativity, innovation, design and entrepreneurship, promotion of commercialization, and faculty’s and students’/ business-undertaking

Academia Industry Integration Strategic Planning Center (AIISP)

Professional work of Academia Industry Integration Strategic Planning Center 

  1.  Set cross-disciplinary fields to stimulate innovation and development

  2.  Introduce enterprise resources, jointly plan cross-disciplinary programs, and cultivate practical application talents

  3. Integrate the programs, R&D team and centers, and establish a school-run enterprise to create value.